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child riding

Students of all ages ride gaited pleasure horses that offer a smooth four beat gait with no bounce in the saddle. Riders begin with lessons in an arena.   After the rider learns the correct signals to the horse and exhibits good control and confidence, the next stepof learning begins.  Students are then moved to a nearby city park where they get to experience a nice  ride while perfecting what they have learned.  Unlike other stables, as riders progress, they are moved to different, more challenging horses so they learn that the techniques are the same for any mount but with a different degree of ability. It's not only about riding in the saddle but all the aspects of 

toddler riding

60 min. lessons for riders over age 6

working with horses including grooming, caring for the horse, cleaning stalls, saddling and bridling, caring for tack, confirmation and much more.

Riding Lessons

Instructors stress three things for students.....control confidence and safety. With a special focus on western style riding for trail and pleasure offer students an activity that can be enjoyed for lifetime.  Lessons are on Saturday mornings and are taught in a group setting.  Private lessons are scheduled on a special basis.

30 min. lessons for riders under age 6

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