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Camps and Clinics

(for kids and adults)





CAMP GOLDEN GAITS offers a unique learning experience for campers of all ages.  Riders will build their confidence as they realize they can work in partnership with a large animal.  Bonding between a horse and human offers the deepest level of trust and love.  All camps are highly supervised with instructor and assistants.


Campers will enjoy learning at all levels of abilities and camps are planned for the beginner, novice, intermediate and timid adult.  Riding instructors will plan a great week of learning.  In addition to riding activities, conformation and markings of the horse are learned through special artistic projects.


Camp starts at 8am and runs until 2pm in the afternoon Monday through Friday.  Campers will be assigned their own horse for the week and will take care of, ride and learn on that one horse.  In addition to riding, campers will learn about other aspects of working with horses. Plus, art will teach the camper about markings, conformation and the beauty of the horse.  


On Friday at noon, campers invite parents to attend a special demonstration and graduation presentation where awards are given out. 


Each camp offers different levels of learning and is based on age, ability and skills.

All Summer Camps are FULL
Sign up early for next year!

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